Beer Box Sets and our Club

Subscribe to our Beer Box Set Club or get a one off selection of top notch craft beers.

Subscribe to our Monthly Beer Box Set Club

Would you like to receive a selection of absolute fridge fillers from us every month? Why not subscribe to our Beer Box Set?

For £40 a month we'll put together a box of 8-10 beers of differing styles from our favourite breweries both old and new. They'll be specials, classics and old favourites. But what we can assure you is there will be no rubbish. All these beers will be what we love and what we think you'll love them too.

Subscription is through Paypal. Once you've subscribed we'll send you an email confirming everything and let you know when your first box will be ready.

To subscribe choose your option below and we'll do the rest.

One off Beer Box Sets

Why not grab a one off Beer Box Set? They're great fun, full of surprises and a great gift for yourself or a fellow beer loving loved one.

We like to think of them as being a bit like a DJ set but beer. And these boxes are always filled with hands in the air beers. No nonsense.

Boxes start at £30 for 6-8 beers, £40 for 8-10, and £50 for 10-12 pieces of absolute deliciousness.

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